One of the mainstays of science fiction is the premise that the world is going to hell, not literally Hell mind you, but you get my meaning. The threat of apocalypse and the collapse of society are always a good way to get audiences on the edge of their seats. When it is done right, the filmmaker creates visions of the future that are fascinating and terrifying, and hopefully like nothing we have ever seen before. Call it a gut feeling but I'm guessing that if the poster art for the upcoming Mutant Chronicles, is any indication, we're about to get an apocalypse with more than a healthy dose of warfare.

Artist David Allcock posted the first look at his teaser poster for the sci-fi action film starring Thomas Jane and John Malkovich. The official site for the film is already online and includes glimpses of concept art, production videos, and promises of a director's blog to come. The film is set in a distant future where corporations have taken control and instigated all out war. Jane plays the leader of the last front of humanity's resistance to an alien invading force. It's early days, so I'm going to have reserve judgment on this one until I get a look at a trailer. I've seen enough bad sci-fi movies in my time to know to prepare myself for at least the possibility of another sci-fi schlock-fest.