Bryan Singer's film Superman Returnsis now out there among all the other versions and incarnations of the "Man of Steel." Whatever your feelings are about the movie's quality and even though, to some, it may have underperformed at the box office, there will be a sequel ... and Singer will be directing it. In addition, it seems the writers from the first film, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris, will most likely be involved as well.

Since a lot of you Supes fans were a little let down by the first film (myself included), what will the writers and Singer be doing to make sure the next Superman better lives up to fan's expectations? Well, according to a recent interview with Superman Returns co-writer Michael Dougherty over at Sci-Fi Wire, the new film might have more than one bad guy and will almost certainly be much more action-packed. Dougherty hinted that the sequel will feature at least one villain from the DC Comics franchise and maybe even more than one. "Maybe It's [Mr.] Myxyzptlk," joked Dougherty in the article.

Dougherty also indicated that it's likely he and co-writer Dan Harris will return for the sequel. He notes, "We're talking. We're bouncing ideas around with Bryan. Big ideas. Action-packed ideas." He also agrees with Singer's intentions to go all "Wrath of Kahn" with the next film. According to Dougherty, that means: "Let's take what we've already established -- we've gotten that out of the way -- and let's just make it shorter, tighter and more action-packed." Sounds good to me. I like The Wrath of Kahn movie and I like the Superman character, so the sequel could be a winner -- I just hope they can pull it off.

What villains do you guys want to see in the next Superman film?
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