Right around the time The 40-Year-Old Virgin hit the scene and had everyone (including producers and casting directors) rolling in the aisles, Mr. Steve Carell found himself attached to a whole bunch of comedy projects, one of which was a big-screen adaptation of Get Smart. The mid-'60s spy comedy was created by professional laugh-makers Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, and it helped to turn the bumbling Don Adams into a comedy star ... for a few years, anyway.

So a while back we heard that Carell was tenuously attached to this Get Smart movie, and now we know for sure that the thing's moving forward. Anne Hathaway signed on a little while ago, and today comes word that not only will the regally nasty Terence Stamp be playing the Get Smart villain, but also that Dwayne "The Rock " Johnson will be playing a good guy -- which means there might actually be some high-end action scenes in this comedy flick! Cool.

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