There aren't many directors who can go from a straight-up zombie flick to a cute little family tale featuring a couple of kids who stumble upon a bag full of money, and then to a sci-fi thriller about a group of people sent to revive the sun after it burns out. Sure, there are directors that can do it, but I'll bet you the bank they won't produce the high quality we've come to expect from Mr. Danny Boyle ... especially when he decides to team up with writer Alex Garland.

Boyle first teamed up with Garland on an adaptation of Garland's novel The Beach (which I strongly suggest reading instead of watching -- it's my belief that The Beach would have been a much better film had Leo DiCaprio not chosen the role as his Titanic follow-up). Following The Beach, the duo partnered on 28 Days Later -- the sequel to which (featuring Boyle and Garland in producer roles only) is coming out later this year. Now, Boyle and Garland are giving us Sunshine. And, based on the newly released trailer, I think it's safe to say this might wind up being one of the best films this year. The premise kind of reminds me of Michael Bay's Armageddon ... only without Ben Affleck and the cheesy Aerosmith soundtrack. Basically, it's 50 years from now, the sun has burnt out and earth is settling into a nice, long ice age. In an attempt to save the planet, a group of astronauts are sent into space on a mission to turn the sun back on ... so to speak.

As far as cast goes, we're looking at folks like Rose Byrne, Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans (who I couldn't help but think of Johnny Storm when his face popped up in the trailer) and Michelle Yeoh, among others. Definitely let us know what you think about the trailer, and be sure to start counting down the days Boyle fans as Sunshine hits theaters on March 16 ... but there's always a chance it will be moved -- after all, that is a crowded weekend.

Note: Cinematical's Scott Weinberg just IM'd me to say that (and I quote): "The Sunshine trailer gave me goose bumps and a mild but pleasant heart attack." There, I told you it was good! Go watch! Go! Now!