Another play is given a breath of film life. The stage show-turned-big screen feature film, Southern Baptist Sissies, will be produced by Del Shores Productions and Funny Boys Films and is prepared to start shooting this spring. Southern Baptist Sissies was written by Del Shores and premiered to rave reviews in Los Angeles in 2000. The story is about the journey and experiences of four boys who grow up gay in the Baptist Church. Del Shores uses humor for poignancy as it tells the all-too-common story of the clash between sexuality and religion.

Del Shores is set to direct the pic, with Leslie Jordan and Delta Burke attached. Del Shores will also be using many of the play's original actors: Beth Grant, Rosemary Alexander and Newell Alexander. He is also working again with Kirkland Tibbels of Funny Boy Productions -- a company dedicated to producing gay and lesbian films -- the two created a series for MTV's gay and lesbian channel Logo.

Southern Baptist Sissies has incredible potential for film success. Del Shores is a veteran when it comes to adapting his plays for the big screen -- this is the third play he's directed as a film; in 2000 he brought Sordid Lives to theatres starring Olivia Newton John. Anxiety surrounding sexual orientation and its relations to religion is still a prevalent issue in America, and its stage success is evidence of this fact. Thus, Del Shores is doing himself a favor, expanding his audience through film over an important subject that still strikes a cord with a large population.
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