It's an inspiring year at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. They are honoring legendary filmmaker Blake Edwards, who is single handedly responsible for some of the greatest comedic films of all time. He is the director of all ThePink Pantherfilms and one of my personal favorites, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Aspen will also be awarding Comedy Central darling Stephen Colbert with the Person of the Year award. According to the Hollywood Reporter, festival organizers described the award recipient as being "the most important contributor to life in America in the past year, having exhibited such great accomplishment that they have affected or made history." Really? Colbert?

In the vain of inspiring filmmaking -- if Edwards doesn't inspire you enough -- USCAF is encouraging filmmakers to post their work online. In recognition of the rapid growth of YouTube and other digital media posting sites, Aspen has included The Funny Picture Show on their schedule. It not only allows filmmakers to create their work and have it screened, but also enables audiences to participate in the festival experience even when they're not making it to Aspen. Those who screen the films online are included in the voting process and winners get the opportunity to meet with HBO Films and USCAF executives.

Are you inspired to make something funny yet? If not, then throw in The Pink Panther (the original, not the Steve Martin version) and start writing. Then, when you're finished, submit it on for an opportunity to screen in Aspen ... and just mayyybe you'll get to meet with some of those big Hollywood types. Good luck!