It wouldn't exactly be a big of a shock if a cast member from the TV series Heroes managed to parlay the success of the show into a film career. But who knew the show had enough clout that it could help even the most minor character snag a lead role in a feature film. Fangoria magazine reports that Danielle Savre, who played the high school nemesis to Hayden Panettiere's "accident-prone" cheerleader, has been cast as the lead in the horror flick Boogeyman 2. I guess Savre's schedule was wide open after her character was killed during the fall finale of her show.

Savre will star as a young woman who is sent to an institution to deal with her fear of the "boogeyman", and of course her fears are justified as she and her fellow inmates do battle with the source of all things that go bump in the night. It's been a long time since I saw the original, but I have to say that the new sequel tends to read like a rip-off of Nightmare On Elm Street 3. The film is still in preproduction, but with casting announcements starting to arrive, it seems that Boogeyman 2 is one step closer to making it's way to the big screen. Or, we could all just save ourselves some time and rent Nightmare On Elm Street 3.
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