Just as one bit of news comes out, the rumors start to spin into one hell of a hurricane. Last week I shared news that Courtney Love had acquired the rights to Charles Cross' Cobain biopic, Heavier than Heaven. It was in an "embryonic" stage, and there was no further word. Now it seems there is, although it's sketchy whether this is full-stop, accurate news, or just the hopeful rumor and buzz of those interested in the biopic of the legendary Nirvana frontman.

According to Virgin's movie news, Ewan McGregor is on his way to becoming Mr. Cobain, news I'm sure Cinematical reader Kaonashi will be happy to hear -- "If anyone is to play Cobain, it has to be Ewan McGregor." According to the buzz, a source for the Daily Express newspaper shared: "A number of actors have been talked about for the role but Ewan has emerged as the number one choice. Despite being 35, he looks young enough to play him." Considering that Love was just shopping around at studios, there's a good chance this is wishful thinking, but only time will tell. She's also quoted as saying that it will be an "A-list and high-end film."

That seems to end my hopes that Buffy co-star Amber Benson would be Ms. Love ... but, more importantly, would Ewan be the right choice? Sure, he doesn't look terribly weathered, but he also doesn't look like he's in his twenties. Is there anyone younger who could possibly play Cobain that won't make the upcoming film look like an episode of 90210? There's Jared Leto with the acting and music ability, and yeah, that's it. I'm tapped out. Do you have any better ideas?
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