This little film called Juno is already ramping up to be one heck of a movie. For starters, there's Ellen Page -- and although she's about to hit the second decade mark, her teenage portrayal of Hayley Stark in Hard Candy was knock-your-socks-off good. Grabbing the actress, therefore, for a film about teen pregnancy and despair is something she can also knock right out of the ballpark. When Erik Davis brought us news of the flick, he also noted Michael Cera. Crazily strong young female and the bashful face of George Michael? Even better! Match that with Reitman offspring Jason, and what else do you need?

Well, it seems that the cast isn't complete without some Garner, Jennifer Garner to be exact. According to Ace Showbiz, MTV has pulled the casting information straight from the director himself. Mrs. Ben Affleck will play a woman unable to have children of her own. Naturally, she attempts to adopt Juno's baby. Reitman is quoted as saying "It's gonna be Jen Garner like you've never seen her before...she's amazing." Considering the fact that Juno falls for the adoptive father, this might just be Garner's chance to shine after replacing some saucy Syndey Bristow with goofy smiles and poorly-received action. Will Page get to show off her terrifying yet stunningly cogent arguments? Will Garner really be amazing? Your guess is as good as mine.

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