PBS has scored big -- they have solidified a 15-year contract with filmmaker Ken Burns. Ultimately, this is a lifetime contract since Burns is no young pup. For those who don't know, Ken Burns is a phenomenal documentary director and producer. He is the creator of the 1990's documentary The Civil War that won many awards including two Emmy's and a Peabody. The film was incredible; my father was a huge fan and I'm glad ... or else I probably wouldn't have seen it. Burns' connection to that period in America's history leads the audience to a fascinating comprehensive look throughout the 680-minute mini series.

Ken Burns decided to continue with his war theme and subsequently made another 14-hour documentary studying World War II. The film is another masterpiece; LA Times reports the PBS network chief Paula Kerger describing it as "his greatest work." And, said "great work" will be aired exclusively on PBS until 2022 when his contract ends.

Would you be content with only having one outlet for you work to be aired? It must have been a huge decision for Ken Burns to make, especially with a brand new documentary that just wrapped and is ready for viewing. PBS believes that Burns' dedication to public broadcasting is what helped him make his decision. To this, I truly applaud. The PBS mission statement is "to enrich the lives of all Americans through quality programs and education services that inform, inspire and delight." It has done just that since 1969.

Burns' World War II documentary will air on PBS this September.
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