Earlier, Erik Davis told you the Sin Cityteam was tired of waiting on Angelina Jolie and was moving on to make Rachel Weisz the "Dame to Kill For." This is generally a good move in my opinion, because I'm tired of waiting for Sin City 2, although Erik did make an interesting point when he said "However, Weisz -- um -- she's cute and all, but I wouldn't kill for her." So replacing Jolie for time considerations is fine, but we're not sure what we think of Weisz as the replacement. Okay, I hear ya. How about we instead suggest a different name for the part?

Film Ick says they were given a different name for the role -- although they admit up front they have nothing solid to substantiate what they were told. Thus far, that puts them in the same general camp as the Rachel Weisz rumors, though, so hey, why not entertain them? So ... how do you feel about one Rose McGowan? You probably know her from Charmed, but the actress does have at least some minor connection with the Sin City team -- she's appearing in Rodriguez and Tarantino'sGrindhouse flick. What do you think? Would you be willing to kill for Rose McGowan?
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