Pierce Brosnan has really been all over the place when it comes to movies. Although most people remember or refer to him as the last James Bond, he was also Remington Steele and has starred in a whole ton of hits and flops, including Mrs. Doubtfire, Dante's Peak, The Lawnmower Man, Mars Attacks! and The Laws of Attraction. Clearly, he's more than just a famous spy or bad guy, but oh -- how he loves those roles! After delighting audiences with his protrayal of a burned-out hitman in The Matador, the ex 007 is setting his Pierce Brosny eyes on a Leonard Wise novel.

He's partnering with Maloof Motion Pictures to adapt Wise's The Big Biazarro. According to Variety, it's a drama about high-stakes international gambling, and Brosnan would star as an "elusive veteran card player who mentors a headstrong but talented protege." Color of Money, anyone? The novel is twenty years old and while you can find a bunch of used bookstore links to nab it, there's not much around about the plot and inner-workings of the novel. However, according to a helpful Amazon reviewer, it's filled with "vapid poker terms and that soft core porn type literature." I'm not sure how the filmmakers set upon this book -- maybe Brosnan was running out of sexy anti-heroes to play. Daniel Craig's got Bond, so what's a Brosnan to do?
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