I want to immediately buy a plane ticket to Berlin, to attend the 57th Berlin International Film Festival. Organizers just announced that they will be screening -- for the first time ever -- a restored and color corrected version of the 1921 film version of Hamlet. I can't imagine what it would look like in color -- somewhat jarring I bet, since silent film goes hand in hand with black and white. Hamlet stars the silent film diva Asta Nielsen who I just learned from IMDB created her own production company to make this film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the restoration project is part of the Berlin Festival's Retrospective program, honoring of the women of the silent film era.

If you love film, you have to watch the purveyors of this art form. It is literally watching cinematic history unfold itself and ... you get entertained at the same time! I've spent much time idolizing Clara Bow and Buster Keaton and I still don't understand why Wings has not been put on DVD yet -- it was only the first Academy Award winning film after all! But if you do have the opportunity to see these stars and filmmakers projected in a movie house -- with a live pianist accompanying preferably -- then you simply have to do it. Let Berlin be your start if you are anywhere in the area starting on February 8. Hamlet will premiere on February 10. Go forth! Enjoy for me!

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