Could I be any more excited about James Cameron'sAvatar? Typically I'm too cynical to have high expectations about any film in the works, but as I mentioned last week, this isn't just any film. Now, thanks to some rumors being discussed on AICN, my anticipation has risen even higher. It seems that Cameron regular Michael Biehn may have a role in the movie, and there's also a good chance that Sigourney Weaver is attached, as well.

At least Weaver can be confirmed as being linked to either Avatar or Cameron's other in-the-works project Battle Angel. She appeared on the Canal+ talk show Le Grand Journal yesterday to promote Snow Cake, but also slipped in the news that the Alienfilms were done (or at least her involvement with them) and that she is reuniting with Cameron for a new sci-fi picture. I don't understand French very well, but I watched the show and could make out the gist of Weaver's dialogue. Unfortunately, she didn't name the movie, and so I'll just have to hope she meant Avatar.

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