The poor Easter Bunny only seems to hold onto the smallest bit of cred, and probably only that because he buys kids off with chocolates. Although stores become awash in pastels after February 14, cinemas don't get much at all. We've got a bunch of biblical films to entertain us, yet we don't give much cinematic love to the bunnies -- definitely not on-par with Santa Clause and Christmas. While the landscape of family Easter films will still be sparse, we're actually getting an Easter bunny-themed adult movie that seems to mix elements of Bad Santa and Office Space.

Of course, any adult film of childrens' figures must add smoking, booze and other lascivious activities, and Hank and Mike is no exception. The gist of the film -- two foul-mouthed Easter bunnies lose their job and must find alternate employment. As acerbic as they are, the duo realize that their lives are coming apart because their lives are their jobs. Writers and producers Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini have been honing the characters for years on stage and television, and star as the gritty rabbits. The Hollywood Reporter has now released additional cast for the film -- Joe Mantegna and Wes Bentley. The former is the owner of Easter Enterprises and obviously Hank and Mike's boss. Bentley comes in as an efficiency consultant. The film was shot last fall in Toronto, so I assume Bentley jumped on board after his stint in P2.
Although no official release date has been set, the movie has a website and trailer online. Beware: they are bad bunnies, so the trailer is full of adult language and some sexual content.