Some of today's casting tidbits I managed to throw together while watching Breaking Vegas on The History Channel (which immediately depressed me because it made me wish I were smarter):

  • Samuel L. Jackson wants to play a bad guy -- either that, or the neighbor from hell. The Snakes on a Plane actor has joined Kerry Washington in Lakeview Terrace, a thriller written by David Loughery in which James Lessiter and Will Smith will produce. Story revolves around a black LAPD officer (Jackson) who isn't too fond of the interracial couple (with Washington as the female half) that just moved in next door. In fact, he's determined to run them off his block in any way he sees fit. Something tells me these folks wouldn't make for great contestants on TLC's Trading Spaces.
  • Speaking of The History Channel's Breaking Vegas, Columbia Pictures is currently rounding up a bunch of cool cats to star in the big screen version of the very real-life story explored in Ben Mezrich's Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions.Laurence Fishburne is in negotiations to co-star in 21, while Liza Lapira and Josh Gad have joined Jim Sturgess and Masi Oka in the pic, to be directed by Robert Luketic. Fishburne would play the Vegas security chief placed in charge of tracking down the group of M.I.T. students who, through mastering the art of card counting, raked in tons and tons of cash.
  • Rachael Taylor (See No Evil, Transformers) is looking to hop on the horror remake bandwagon -- she's signed on to star in Shutter, a remake of the 2004 Thai film. She'll be playing one half of a recently married couple who are spending their honeymoon in Tokyo when -- holy crap -- images of ghosts begin showing up in all their photos. Hey, it's better than drunken fat guys and middle fingers, right?
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