I've never seen any animated short as charming or epically beautiful as Destino. Granted, the short film wasn't simply an animation feat but the collaboration of two historic names -- Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. It makes sense, really. Dali was a man known for creating fluidity on canvas with his surrealist paintings. Disney was a man known for his animated vision. Obviously, bringing the pair together would result in an epic moving picture, and it did -- although it took sixty years to come together.

Before the father of Mickey ever concocted the idea to animate my personal favorite, Sleeping Beauty, with the use of real artists, Disney had teamed with Dali to create Destino. It was the pairing of two visionaries, one that soon became a financial burden and scrapped during World War II. In 2000, the dormant project was revived by Walt's nephew, Roy, and finished by French animator Dominique Monfrey. It was nominated for an Oscar that it should've won, and aired at a number of short film festivals in 2003 and 2004.

I have no idea what has taken so long, but the film is now getting its British premiere at the Tate Modern in London, as part of the Dali & Film exhibition -- running from June 1 to September 9. If you've entertained the possibility of travelling to the British Isles this year, that will be the time to do it. Even after multiple screenings and Oscar nods, the film still hasn't been widely released.* So, unless you're patient enough to keep waiting -- maybe another 60 years -- now's the time to go and see it.

*Thank you, Mike, for the heads up on the DVD. There won't be a 60-year wait, but feel free to ignore this if you want an excuse to travel to London. And thanks to Lisa, who rightly pointed out that Roy's a nephew, and not a son. -MB
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