Yes, in case you did not know yet, Lindsay Lohan has officially checked into rehab ... again. (Or was she just attending AA meetings before? Sorry, I can't keep up.) And, as per usual, her off-screen antics have disrupted the filming of her latest movie, I Know Who Killed Me. This time around, however, she's not showing up late or making up absurd excuses for her absence (fell down stairs? emergency surgery? broke a nail? trouble breathing? heat exhaustion?) -- oh no, it's rehab. So that means we have to be nice, right?

In the film, as we've previously reported, Lohan was set to play twin sisters Aubrey and Dakota, one of which gets kidnapped only to reveal the identity of the other one (because no one knew she existed) upon escaping her captor and landing in the hospital ... minus a hand and a leg. Since Lohan will remain in rehab for thirty days (does that mean we have to go a whole thirty days without any pics of Lohan out around town doing something stupid???), we're to assume filming will resume immediately following her release. Of course, that all depends upon whether Lohan will find yet another excuse to take a break from her hectic schedule.

Here's my question: If Lohan was not a celebrity and, instead, was just some regular old college girl, would her occasional drinking and drug use be enough to warrant a trip to rehab? Or, is this little stint in rehab more about repairing her image than actually helping the girl get healthy?

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