The Cinema Audio Society (or CAS) has very very VERY nice things to say aboutGilbert Cates. Cates is a film, television and theatre director, as well as a producer (he has been producing most of the Academy Awards since 1990) and actively participates in the Directors Guild of America, which he was president of for four years. Apart from being one heck of a multi-tasker, the man is also "a skilled filmmaker who is a master at all he touches," said CAS board president Richard Lightson. See? Very very nice! CAS will be honoring Cates at this year's awards ceremony in February.

Cates will receive the CAS Filmmaker Award; Quentin Tarantino was the first to go home with the award last year. Cates directed the Emmy nominated television movie starring Henry Winkler and Patty Duke called Absolute Strangers ,and is also one of the directors behind the 80's remake of The Twilight Zone.

The CAS Awards includes a full ceremony of honorees, awarding everything from best picture to the best television episode -- all, of course, praising the sound design of such works. This will be the 43rd Annual CAS Award ceremony; a ceremony dedicated to what the Oscars are only able to devote one category, despite a sound mixer's crucial responsibility for the completion of a film. The best film teacher I had in college pointed out their importance to me; before the first frame ever appears on the big screen, what is it that sets the tone? It's the sound that emanates from the speakers hanging overhead -- once you recognize this, you'll never want to miss what your ears can hear but your eyes can't see.