It wasn't too long ago that we were all fired up about Daniel Craig as James Bond. Before the movie was even seen by our eager eyes, some loved the choice, some like me just weren't sure and a whole mess of people actually got together to boycott his participation. Talk about buzz! As much as 007 continues to be loved as the years progress, I've never seen such a flurry of anxiety over the man. It's too bad that this latest mash-up comes now. We all could've saved ourselves time and energy and given the part over to the most worthy actor.

Thanks to a tip from The Movie Blog, I just watched a fit of true brilliance over at iFilm -- with Bruce Campbell's Old Spice ad as the perfect appetizer. But this isn't a space for Ash to shine, it's a space for Joe to beat down the Volcano. Grabbing a much wider scope than the usual mash-up, The Next James Bond grabs a few keys scenes from Casino Royale and then throws Tom Hanks up to knock the gritty socks off Craig. For anyone wondering why Dan Perrault and Matt Dahan, the creators of Brokeback to the Future, would want Hanks as Bond, or why they would even entertain the idea, just wipe the Gump out of your brain and think back: Joe Versus the Volcano, The Man With One Red Shoe, The Money Pit ... Sure, you get to watch him bounce back and forth between different ages and weights, but that is to be expected. Enjoy it as a mash-up, or use it to reminsce about the days when Tom Hanks was fun.