When the internet was still farting around and figuring itself out in the nineties, The Oracle of Bacon (aka Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon) was born. Take any actor or actress, young or old, slide them into the search and see how many links it would take to get to the Hollow Man. Sure, people like Lori Singer, Bill Paxton and Tim Matheson can do it in one jump, but what about silent film stars who might have passed away before the actor was even born? Many of us have thrown "tough" names into the oracle, only to be surprised as a few jumps found their way to Bacon. Clara Bow, silent movie icon, needs only 3 -- she was in Hoop-La with Harvey Parry, who was in Movie Movie with Eli Wallach, who was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon.

Apparently, Mr. Bacon was never thrilled with this game, and hoped it would go away. Why? Wouldn't a game that many people play that relies on memorizing all of your films be a GOOD thing? Guess not. However, instead of griping about it, he's decided to spin it to suit his own interests -- thus, sixdegrees.org is born. Instead of delighting in movie trivia, we can now link ourselves to charities and raise money for our favorite causes. The links aren't prime roles in feature films, but badges that you can put on your own website or blog to further the cause of some celeb's charity, or to highlight your own. Less fun and no stumping the system, but you're doing a good deed.

Acting now can do even more for your own charities as Bacon plans to share his bacon (not the kind in Wild Things) with the six top, non-celeb fundraisers listed by March 31 -- up to $10,000 -- and you don't even have to go on a gameshow to do it! Kevin's on a roll, already having over $50 grand in donations, but help a celeb out. Ashley Judd has only raised $10! The website is sure to gain momentum in the coming months, so why not lend a hand?

It's a small world, after all!
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