Do you like movies about dolls that come to life and go on a murderous rampage? That's a rhetorical quesiton -- everyone likes those movies. There are Chucky people and Puppetmaster people, but no one can deny the sheer creepiness that comes from watching the waxy face of a child's doll start slowly twisting with evil life. James Wan, the writer/director of Saw, knows this full well, and we've finally got a peep at his next movie, Dead Silence, which seems to be about an entire army of crazy ventriloquist dummies that start terrorizing a town. The film, which stars Donnie Wahlberg and Amber Valletta, is being released by Universal Pictures on March 23rd and IGN has obtained the first full trailer. It has a sort of old-school 80s horror feel, with the present-day events being based around one character from the past who tangled with dolls and lost, and now exists as a ghostly cautionary tale/possible villain.

"There's an old ghost story around here about a woman named Mary Shaw," the narrator tells us in the trailer, as we get all kinds of weirdo imagery of an old lady doing a ventriloquist act. Then there's lots of running-around-with-flashlights stuff. The creepiest part of the trailer is reserved for the ending, when we hear a doll's nursery rhyme, that begins..."Beware the stare of Mary Shaw....she had no children.....only dolls."