With the non-stop flow of Hollywood films parading through American multiplexes, it's sometimes easy to forget that the U.S. isn't the only country in the world making movies -- not by a long shot. This week on Trailer Park we're looking at trailers from around the world.

With film's like Trainspotting and 28 Days Laterunder his belt, British filmmaker Danny Boyle certainly knows bleak. Earth's sun is dying, and after one crew of astronauts failed in the attempt to reignite it (I'm sure it's just the pilot light), a new crew is dispatched as the last hope for humanity. 28 Days star Cillian Murphy is here, along with an interesting multi-national cast including Rose Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Chris Evans and Michelle Yeoh. Boyle's track record alone has me excited about this one, although I wish the trailer had explained a bit more. Cillian Murphy's narration summarizes the plot, then we're treated to a barrage of action sequences. Interesting, sure, but I wanted a little more insight into the human drama I've come to expect from Boyle. At any rate, I'll be eagerly awaiting this one. Here's what Erik Davis thought of it.

The Host
There's a new domestic trailer out there for this Korean monster flick that's been getting lots of buzz for awhile now. Plans are already afoot for a U.S. remake, but the original will be hitting U.S. theaters on March 9 (news of U.S. distribution for the film was mentioned here). This trailer has English dialogue spoken by what appear to be American characters, so I'm not clear on whether the majority of the film is dubbed or subtitled (I'm sincerely hoping for the latter). Three generations of a Korean family are thrown into turmoil when their youngest member is taken by one of the most horrific movie monsters I've seen in many a day (and you don't even see it all that clearly). This trailer seems to play up the humor of the dysfunctional family more than the Korean trailer did. If enough of us go see this one, maybe we can render the remake superfluous before it's even made. Something to think about.