If there's one thing we've learned to never expect from Martin Scorsese, it's a sequel ... or a prequel. Yet, with the success of The Departed (and the fact that the movie it's based on, Infernal Affairs, was a trilogy), the director is looking into filming a second installment, and possibly a third. Well, according to Mark Wahlberg, that is.

Wahlberg recently chatted up MTV and informed them that Scorsese is in talks with Robert De Niro (who, originally, was tapped to play the Martin Sheen character in Departed, but had to drop out due to his commitments on The Good Shepherd) and "a few other people" with regards to shooting a sequel. But, since most of the original's stars won't be returning (for obvious spoiler-ish reasons), it would include a brand new cast, save for Wahlberg. He says, " ... So we may do a sequel with a new cast, and a prequel and bring back the rest of the guys." Wait -- hold up -- did he say prequel and sequel? Say it ain't so Marty?

Scorsese, who hasn't been too thrilled with the Hollywood system as of late, recently went and signed a four-year, first-look deal with Paramount. And, now, words like 'prequel' and 'sequel' are, for the first time in his career, beginning to sound appealing. So much for taking a stand against the big-budgeted films Hollywood keeps shoveling down out throats, huh? What do you think about this? Would a sequel (or a prequel) from Scorsese cause you to lose all faith in one of film's greatest directors? Or, would you welcome any and all of his ideas with open arms?

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