Often when we hear tales of action films that will involve a lone American in a foreign land, it's some sort of white-hero story. The heart-wearming imperialist state of mind -- the man travels, falls for the landscape and fearlessly fights along with his new friends. Tom Cruise did it in The Last Samurai. Peter O'Toole did it better in Lawrence of Arabia. Now, the theme is finally getting a different spin at the hands of screenwriter Stephen R. Clarke.

Clarke, while a relative newcomer, is the man who finished the script for the upcoming Lunatic at Large -- the once-forgotten Kubrick film. Working from his own material, the man has whipped up a western film for the East -- India, to be exact. Moses Taite's War is a period piece set just after the Civil War. Partially based on true events, it chronicles a rancher whose herd is dying from an epidemic. To save his cows, the man decides to get some stud bulls from India. While he is there, he "becomes embroiled in a civil conflict, supporting oppressed locals."

The racial kicker -- the rancher is an African-American. Exactly how much of this story is true, I have no idea. Perhaps Clarke found the inspiration from Oscar Michaeux, who was not only the first African-American to produce a feature film, but also a successful rancher. Whatever the case, it's looking to be an interesting twist on the usual overseas period piece. We won't know how successful it is for at least a year or two -- the movie's production house, Kanzaman, hopes to start shooting in the spring of 2008. Fie patience!
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