Alone With Her is an intelligent thriller about a practiced, professional stalker named Doug (Colin Hanks) who settles on a single, 20-something young woman in the Los Angeles area and then goes to work with breathtaking efficiency. Before Amy (Mexican actress Ana Claudia Talancon) even knows that she's about to have a new best friend, Doug has already broken into her apartment and is carefully watching her every move through the easily-purchased 'nanny cams' he's placed in every room. With unfettered access to her personal life, he begins to soak up information like a sponge -- her job, her taste in music, her sort-of boyfriend -- and then uses that information as currency at 'random' coffee-shop meetings where he tries to strike up a friendship. Even though Amy is intrigued at bumping into a stranger who likes the same obscure band and watches the same movies, she instantly confesses to a friend that there's something odd about Doug that she can't quite put a finger on. Even though his words are perfect, the music underneath is still sinister.

What sets the film a notch above standard genre fare is its ability to ask bigger questions about a stalker like Doug. Does he really believe that a complete absence of chemistry can be overcome through superior information? What would happen if all his manipulations eventually paid off in a fantasy bedroom encounter -- is it even possible he could perform? Does he really expect to worm his way into a working relationship, or does he really get off on the game itself? One of the most chilling scenes occurs when Doug makes a 'mistake' during a routine encounter with Amy's best friend, Jennifer. (Jordana Spiro) Having misjudged Jennifer's suspicions of him, which are huge, he steps into her trap when she asks him a question about a phony place in the town he says he's from. As soon as the words escape his lips, he realizes she's just caught him in a lie. He excuses himself to the bathroom and begins to hop around in mad frustration, like a little boy who's just been beaten at a video game.