Over at ComingSoon.net, you can view a new high-resolution still from the upcoming film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, courtesy of Warner Bros. The site also includes a very good summary of the film, so far as I can tell from having read the book. The fifth book in the Harry Potter series is my least favorite -- it's longer than necessary and Harry spends a lot of time yelling and sulking -- but I'm hoping that a good movie adaptation will lessen these problems. The movie will be released in July.

However, I can't tell anything about the film from the still linked above. It's a lovely image of Harry at the train station, probably preparing to get on the Hogwarts Express for his yearly trip to school. In other books in the series, interesting things sometimes happen at the station, but not in this book. Unless director David Yates has planned something not in J. K. Rowling's book, this photo does nothing for Harry Potter fans but demonstrate that Daniel Radcliffe is looking a bit older than in the last film.

Personally, if I could pick one relatively spoiler-free image from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for Warner to release, I'd rather catch a glimpse of the inside of Grimmauld Place, and find out how that's realized in the film. Or perhaps an image from the Pensieve memory that Harry experiences. The trailer shows us the Ministry of Magic courtroom, and other stills from the film have shown us Umbridge's gloriously tacky office.
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