When an actor can go from Billy Bibbit to Chucky, it's some kind of career trajectory, I'm just not quite sure which kind. Brad Dourif's career spans over 30 years, and ranges from Oscar caliber films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Lord of The Rings to a slew of thriller and horror credits like Color of Night and Critters 4. Also, I personally have a soft spot for his role in one of my favorite X-Files episodes. To the point: Rob Zombie has announced the casting of Dourif as Sheriff Brackett in his upcoming remake of Halloween, on the official HalloweenMySpace page.

Dourif is just the latest in a round of interesting hires that include Adrienne Barbeau, Clint Howard, and Courtney Gains, but there is apparently no word yet on which characters those actors will play. Zombie's Halloween re-make -- or maybe I should call it a re-imagining -- might be the last chance to sort out the mess that the Michael Myers franchise has become. I'm still ticked off about the two hours of my life I'm never getting back by watching H20. Dourif is an old pro when it comes to horror, though, so this latest hire is a positive omen. Great or not so great -- I'm thinking Halloween will probably fall somewhere in between.

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