We all love to cry and gripe in our cocoa. This is definitely the case when it comes to our begrudgingly beloved Hollywood. We continue to patronize Hollywood movies, and people keep working on them, even though no one seems to be happy with how things are going. While doing press for his new movie, Deja Vu, actor Jim Caviezel became the latest to jump on the Hollywood-bashing bandwagon. When asked to characterize his career so far, the actor couldn't help but slide a dig at the system: "I spent 10 years living in Hollywood -- which is just a cesspool piece of crap -- and then I got The Thin Red Line."

It's a cesspool that's been pretty good to him, finding him roles in films like The Rock, Frequency and Angel Eyes. (Perhaps he was just too tarnished by his participation in G.I. Jane to be able to look at the land of stars in anything but a disrepectful manner?) Still, the words are a bit surprising from a man whose career was made in Hollywood. In addition to the Hollywood films Caviezel has made, he was also set to take on Cyclops in X-Men, which he had to back out of, and publicly lobbied to take over the blue tights from Christopher Reeve. Just like Seagal keeps making movies he thinks are crap, Caviezel will probably continue to cling to his spot in the cesspool.

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