Back in the late 1980s when I first heard that Sean Connery would be playing the father of Indiana Jones in the franchise's third installment, I was ecstatic. Who better to play the sire of filmdom's greatest swashbuckler? When Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade hit theaters in 1989, I was a bit surprised by Connery's take on the character, with less daring do and perhaps more humor than I had expected, making the character all the more memorable. The winning chemistry between Connery and Harrison Ford was icing on the cake.

"Perhaps," is the term Connery used when Scotland on Sunday asked if he would be reprising his role as Dr. Henry Jones in the newest Indiana Jones film, set to go before the cameras this summer. It's all down to the script apparently, which Connery had not yet seen at the time of the interview. Connery has claimed to be retired from moviemaking in recent years, but one hopes that if anything can coax him in front of the cameras it would be the Indiana series. If for no other reason, he shouldn't want The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen as the final entry on his resume.

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