In a new article over at Sci-Fi Wire, super-hot Eva Mendes describes her experiences working with co-star Nicholas Cage on the upcoming Ghost Rider film based, of course, on the Marvel comic of the same name. Some of you may have read a previouspost or two by me wherein I express my skepticism that the movie version of Ghost Rider will be much more than a steaming pile of art. To help you see things my way, let me give you a little taste of how Eve Mendes describes working with Nic Cage on the film. "He would have the script, and he would come to the set and do the opposite of what was on the page," said Mendes in the article. That sounds like a positive working environment, no?

But wait, it gets better. Mendes also added this tidbit: "He just kind of flips it. Then he can make the most mundane sentences sound really heavy. I think he's so into what he's doing. He's such a professional." Hmm, that's a pretty good way to describe the script your working with, Eva: mundane. Sounds promising. And I just have to wonder about calling Cage's behavior "professional." I tend to think actually working with the script and following it while shooting would be the professional way of doing it. Discarding the script completely and doing whatever the heck you want? Man, is this movie gonna be great!

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