Gina GershonHi, there -- here's my first celeb sighting at Sundance. (A little background: Moviefone does a star-interviews-star [or sometimes director] video show called Unscripted) The first one I got to watch tape this go-round was for 'Delirious.' One of the stars of that film, Gina Gershon, and director Tom DiCillo sat down and chatted. That's what they mostly did -- they got through maybe two questions each -- and they were cool. They obviously know each other well and get along; great rapport. And, not surprisingly, DiCillo was pretty damned funny ... the movie comments on celebrity, and DiCillo ragged on it as well (e.g., he claimed he'd read in the tabloids that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were going to, like, fight to the death, and Brad Pitt was O.K. with that -- he'd just take the winner).

He also said that with his first movie, 'Johnny Suede,' he'd turned down bringing it to Sundance, because back then it was known as the Granola Fest, with crunchy movies about a little girl living on a farm who could see God through her dog. And Gina was gorgeous (actually better looking in real life than she is on screen, if you can believe that), if a little nervous. She needed reading glasses to see the questions on the monitor -- it was adorable. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the movie yet -- ironically, it was screening at about the same time as this taping -- but I've heard great things about it. Don't believe me? Read Scott Weinberg's review.