This surprisingly fun romantic zombie farce from Tempe Video opens appropriately enough with quotes from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream ("The course of true love never did run smooth") and from George Romero's Night of the Living Dead("Shoot 'em in the head"). College professor Steve (played by director Brett Kelly) and his young girlfriend Amy (Caitlin Delaney) have decided to take the plunge and move in together, despite protests from Steve's friend Carl (played by screenwriter John Muggleton). Carl's status as a thirty-something man still living with his mom pretty much illustrates how much he knows about co-habitation, so Steve is soon helping Amy move into his apartment. Being a student of parapsychology, Amy brings along several books on witchcraft and magick ("magick is spelled with a 'c' and a 'k,'" observes Steve, "so it must be legit"). After the two of them profess to hoping to spend eternity together, Steve accidentally backs over Amy with his car, apparently killing her instantly.

Distraught and desperate, Steve forgets that he was scoffing at the notion of sorcery moments before, and finds himself poring over Amy's texts in the hope of finding a way to bring her back to life. He apparently succeeds, because soon Amy is up and around again, although she's not quite her old self; there's a vacant look in her eyes, her shattered spine grinds horrifically when she moves, and the only word she can say is "hungry." Steve decides they need to get away for awhile and give Amy a chance to recuperate, so it's off to a secluded cabin in the woods (important safety note: NEVER bring a zombie to a secluded cabin in the woods). Amy has become quite ravenous, and on the way to cabin she wolfs down several fast food burgers, despite her previous status as a vegetarian.

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