Thought that Sundance had generated enough deals today? Think again! Here's another round of distribution news related to the festival.
  • The Weinstein Company and Lionsgate secured worldwide distribution rights to Teeth (pictured at right), the bizarre horror movie about a young woman with a case of vagina dentata. It's the feature debut for writer-director Mitchell Lichtenstein. No financial details have yet been disclosed. One important detail: Harvey Weinstein doesn't want the film cut to qualify for an R rating -- apparently he thinks those more graphic scenes are "the fun part." As David Poland explains, TWC normally partners in theatrical releases with MGM, which is required to go through the MPAA ratings process. Since Teeth will likely remain unrated, Lionsgate would handle the U.S. theatrical release. Scott Weinberg enjoyed the film very much, calling it "one of the grade-A highlights of this year's Sundance Film Festival." I originally found the concept of this film extremely distasteful, but I'm starting to reconsider this Austin-shot film.
  • Warner Independent Pictures has made its first deal of the festival, buying the North American and UK theatrical distribution rights for the Australian feature Clublandat an estimated price of $4 milllion. The film was directed by Cherie Nowlan, who's directed movies for Australian television. The cast includes British character actress Brenda Blethyn. Clubland, which premiered Sunday night at Sundance, is a coming-of-age film about a young man's romance that affects his family. This one sounds like my kind of movie -- I'm a sucker for anything where the family is described as "unconventional."