Picturehouse and New Line have bought the rights to The King of Kong, a documentary about a rivalry between two videogamers, Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, to see who can be the champion of Donkey Kong. (I guess these guys never bothered to look at my high score, which probably puts them to shame) The deal, made at Slamdance, was reportedly in the mid-to-high six-figure range, with Picturehouse winning distribution rights for summer 2007. New Line may have gotten the bigger boon, however, winning feature remake rights, in addition to control of international distribution rights. New Line has attached director Seth Gordon to helm a feature based on the film. Variety reports that producer Ed Cunningham is set as the executive producer on the remake. Picturehouse COO Richard Brener is noted in the piece as being instrumental to getting the barrel rolling on this deal.

I personally think that the best course of action would be to make this film a full-on sequel to The Wizard, with Fred Savage. Make him a 30-something who now works at Burger King, but still longs for the days when the world went googly-eyed as his Super Mario 3 score. He decides to hone his superior Donkey Kong skills to plot a return to the spotlight, only to find out that crazy girl gamer from the first film, who also made it to the Mario finals, has the exact same idea!