• Art Buchwald(1925-2007) - Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist who wrote some English dialogue for Jacques Tati's Play Time and co-wrote Stanley Donen's Surprise Package. He also sold a treatment to Paramount that was the uncredited basis for Coming to America, and he successfully sued the studio for a share of the film's profits. He appears in the documentaries Around the World of Mike Todd and Year of the Woman and in Robert Altman's mini-series Tanner '88. He passed away January 18.
  • Ron Carey(1935-2007) - Actor who appears in Mel Brooks' The History of the World: Part I, High Anxiety and Silent Movie. He also appears in Fatso, The Out of Towners and Johnny Dangerously. He died of a stroke January 16, in Los Angeles. (NY Times)
  • Jack Coffey (c.1931-2006) - Former boom operator who became an important union leader in Hollywood during the '70s and '80s. He died of prostate cancer December 13, in Sherman Oaks, California. (Variety)
  • Harvey Cohen(1951-2007) - Composer who scored the theatrically distributed short Santa vs. the Snowman 3D, the direct-to-video Beauty and the Beast sequel Belle's Magical World and the feature Ghost Town. He also arranged music for Bicentennial Man and orchestrated the music for Mission: Impossible III, King Kong (2005), The Patriot and Hudson Hawk. He also has an Emmy for his work scoring for television. He died of a heart attack January 14. (AP)
  • Darlene Conley(1934-2006) - Actress who appears in The Birds, Lady Sings the Blues, Tough Guys and Valley of the Dolls. She died of stomach cancer January 14, in Los Angeles. (NY Times)
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