Sometimes writing about distribution deals at Sundance makes me feel like I'm doing play-by-play. I can hear a Howard Cosell voice in my head saying, "And that's Harvey Weinstein out in front, scoring his first deal at Sundance this year with the tearjerker drama Grace is Gone. Look at Harvey go! He passes Fox Searchlight. He passes Sony Pictures Classics. He doesn't leave the room until the deal is won!" Okay, I think I just frightened myself with my Cosell voice, so I'll stop.

The Weinstein Company has bought worldwide distribution rights for Grace is Gone, which stars John Cusack as a widower who takes his two daughters on a road trip to avoid telling the girls about their mother's recent death in Iraq. The Hollywood Reporter notes that some audience members were moved to tears during the premiere at Sundance on Saturday night. The movie is written and directed by James Strouse, who also wrote Lonesome Jim, which premiered in Sundance in 2005. No info has yet been released on how much TWC paid for the rights to Grace, but the film's budget is estimated at under $5 million. Even without the figures, this deal is considered to be on a larger scale than the deals made so far at Sundance for variousdocumentaries. However, I hope that when calculating potential box office, someone factored in those hideous glasses that Cusack is wearing in the film.