There's just something about being a single woman in your 30s that seems to be an endlessly fascinating subject for independent film. Writer/director Zoe Cassavetes, making her directorial debut here, doesn't exactly explore uncovered ground in her film Broken English, and yet, she somehow manages to put such a charming face on the subject matter that we don't really care. Parker Posey plays Nora, who, in her 30s, finds that nothing in her life has gone how she once thought it would. She majored in Fine Arts, thinking she would work in the art world; instead she works in a boutique hotel in a dismal and depressing little office as the manager of guest relations, kissing the backsides -- and, occasionally, the frontsides -- of VIPs to keep them happy. She thought she'd be married to a great guy and settled down with a family; instead, she hangs out with her married friends, and relentlessly dodges Glen, an annoying co-worker who clearly has a major crush on her.