How long has it been since a tried and true comedy won an Academy Award? I'm not talking about the ones with great funny bits mixed with drama, like American Beauty or Forrest Gump. There's the occasional romantic comedy like Shakespeare in Love, Annie Hall or The Apartment. But just plain comedy? Around the World in Eighty Days -- 1956. Well, the time may have come for a funny, non-romantic film to take the top spot again, and it just might be possible. In a bit of a comic coup, Little Miss Sunshine has nabbed the top honors from the Producers Guild of America, over high-buzz, high-drama powerhouses like Babel and The Queen.

While this doesn't sound like much in the greater scheme of things, the PGA award does hold clout. Over the last 17 years, the guild's choice has matched the Academy's choice 11 times. One of the off years was last, where the PGA chose Brokeback Mountain, but really, they weren't alone. Now, after a few months of Oscar chatter for the likes of Dreamgirls and The Departed, Sunshine is stealing the stage again. Sunshine producer Marc Turtletaub, in his acceptance speech, shared the one key scene that convinced him to back the project -- when the grandfather tells Dwayne to have sex with as many women as he can: "I mean, like a thousand." There you go, folks. We get to laugh and maybe just have an incredibly rare comedic award winner because of a horny old man and his lecherous teachings!