When a Japanese scientist created a female android that moves and acts like a human being I got terrified. This female cyborg responds to human touch, appears to breath, and even has a covering that looks almost identical to human skin. Her creator even believes that under the right circumstances she may have a human believing she is a mammal for ten minutes. Does Battlestar Gallactica (some of us could be cylons and not even know it!) or Blade Runner scare anyone besides me?! Luckily, Pixar is putting all of my robot fears to rest with their first announcement of their newest CGI animated film due out in 2008 called Wall-E.

There is very little information to go by -- Pixar is keeping everything very quiet, kind of like a scientist who is in the process of making a human android would keep his plans for creation a secret. Are we seeing similarities yet? But what the public does know is it's about a robot who searches for a place to call home within outer space. The one photo -- look to your right -- shows the sweetest little robot ever made; tears well up in my eyes just thinking of it not having a home where it can be loved and have companionship. This is exactly how robots gets us silly emotional humans to do whatever they say!
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