William and Julian Gilbey are quickly becoming the go-to duo for British, gritty action films. In 2002, Julian wrote, directed and acted in Reckoning Day, a brash film inspired by the likes of Evil Dead, Bad Taste and El Mariachi. Last year, they were the pens behind Rollin' with the Nines, directed by Julian, which dealt with murder, rape and gang retaliation. It's gotten less-than-stellar feedback on IMDb, but still garnered them a nomination for the Carl Foreman award for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Now, they're responsible for Rise of the Footsoldier.

Carnaby International with Flakjacket Films are producing the film, which is once again headed by Julian. Unlike the previous Gilbey offerings, which were violent films coming from their imagination, Footsoldier is based on the life story of Carlton Leach -- British Gangster. According to MySpace, and yes, even gangsters have MySpace profiles these days, he was one of the toughest of Britain's brawn brigade. He worked as a body gaurd, debt collector and was part of the Essex Boys gang during the 80's and 90's. But he's not all bad brawn -- his profile also cites him as a dedicated father and man who cried when his pet dog died.

Ricci Harnett, in his first starring role, is Leach, and the cast also includes two actors from Nines, Terry Stone and Billy Murray. How the movie will play is anyone's guess, but I'm kinda hoping it gives a whollop of gritty action, before ending on a scene with the gangster crying over his dog -- an action film for the new century!
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