Catherine Hardwicke, former production designer and now director of a diverse set of films such as Thirteen,Lords of Dogtown and the recent The Nativity Story, is set to add a pro-environmental project to her already diverse roster of credits. According to Production Weekly, Hardwicke has signed on to direct the feature film adaptation of Edward Abbey's classic anti-establishment novel The Monkey Wrench Gang.

The novel, to be adapted by William Goldman and Christian Forte, concerns George Hayduke, an ex-Green Beret who becomes angry with the way huge corporations are treating the canyons and rivers of his beloved Southwestern desert. So, with the help of a rag-tag, like-minded band of compatriots, including feminist Bonnie Abzug, outcast Mormon Seldom Seen Smith and billboard burner Doc Sarvis, he starts using the tactic of "monkey-wrenching" -- non-violent sabotage that harms machines, not people -- to try and save his precious land from being developed and destroyed.

To be honest, I can't think of too many really good dramatic pro-environmental movies so I think we definitely need one. At the moment, all that comes to mind is the so-so Medicine Man featuring Sean Connery and that really bad Steven Seagal film Fire Down Below -- two films that definitely don't represent the cause very well. Fortunately, with only a few films Catherine Hardwicke has demonstrated her talent and diversity. Plus, William Goldman is, of course, an extremely talented Oscar-winning writer. So, this combo, combined with terrific source material from Edward Abbey, should make for a potent mix.
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