There isn't much that Jamie Foxx can't do. He is one of only five people to win an Oscar and have a #1 single. He's also been a stand-up comedian, a quarterback and a classical pianist. Before he becomes the President of the United States, though, he is adding radio DJ to his resume. The actor/R&B singer is producing a Sirius Satellite station called "The Foxxhole," which will feature a mix of urban music and comedy, plus a new kind of radio theater. Reportedly, Foxx will be contributing to the station on a daily basis and he will also host a weekly show.

Where does Jamie Foxx find the time? Sure, many people juggle the dual careers of acting and music, but do they all seem to work as hard at both as Foxx has this past year? His two movies in 2006 were hits. His album, Unpredictable (released at the end of 2005) was a hit. He's really making a lot of people in Hollywood look bad (no wonder Mandy Moore is depressed).

But Foxx isn't just out to get his. In unrelated news, he also just made a music publishing deal in order to help fledgling songwriters. He said that as much as he loves performing music, his first love is listening to the music of other great musicians and writers, and he hopes by collaborating with new artists, he can help spread the love around.
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