though we were just treated to a movie about the birth of Jesus, there is another one in the works. This, in spite of the fact that The Nativity Story didn't do very well. MGM apparently thinks it can do better with Myriam, Mother of Christ. Here are some things this one has going for it: a screenplay by Benedict Fitzgerald, who co-wrote The Passion of the Christ; a title that sounds more like The Passion of the Christ; the same release date (Easter) as The Passion of the Christ. Now all it needs is for Mel Gibson to direct and for Jim Caviezel's head to be planted on baby Jesus' body, Little Manstyle.

Ever since The Passion made tons and tons and tons of money, Hollywood has been interested in the religious film market. Unfortunately, The Nativity Story wasn't the only attempt to attract a Passion-size audience that failed. But obviously the studios are going to keep on trying, because nobody wants to believe The Passion was a one-time occurrence.
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