It seems that the nudist pop sensation loverboy is ready to head down a new career path. Over the last decade, Robbie Williams has been putting out insidiously catchy pop songs that I can't help but like, and gaining cred as a saucy ladies' man. It's no wonder that he grabs the female gaze; he wafts charisma. But after his latest CD, Rudebox flopped, and he mentioned being sick of the music biz, movie buzz is starting to pop up.According to film ick, rumors are starting to circle that Williams will star in a film about Nick Charles -- a man who could probably one-up anyones dramatic story of addiction. The story is chronicled in the 2001 book Through a Glass Brightly.

This isn't your oridinary Trainspotting or Requiem for a Dream storyline. According to the book's synopsis -- Charles became an alcoholic who lost everything and lived on the streets, ingesting any cheap alcohol he could find, which included aftershave and hairspray. The man was so far gone that he woke up in the hospital with serious injuries that included being eaten by rats -- on more than one occasion. That's addicted dedication. Somehow, after being found almost dead, he finally pulled himself out and started to help others struggling with addiction.

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