Salma Hayek has announced her next project, producing and starring in an independently financed Spanish-language romcom called "La Banda." The film is centered around a type of music known as 'Grupero' music, and will begin shooting in Mexico this summer. The producing team includes Rick Schwartz, a producer on The Departed, and Pepe Tamez. The film is being written and directed by Issa Lopez and Warner Bros. will distribute. The plot: Hayek is a wealthy housewife who gets dumped by her husband and has to take a job as a wedding singer -- hmmm...maybe there's a part for Adam Sandler?

The comedy apparently comes from the fact that Hayek's character tries to hide her new occupation from her high-society friends and family, but it gets harder as her act starts to actually gain in popularity. The story in Variety also notes that the project has been greenlighted in the wake of the success of Hayek's other recent producing project, the television series "Ugly Betty." The show won two Golden Globe awards last week, and much of its success has been laid at Hayek's doorstep.

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