I love a documentary that doles out both sides of an interesting story and then forces you to decide for yourself where the truth actually lies. Amir Bar-Lev'sMy Kid Could Paint That is precisely that kind of documentary: It offers a very interesting (yet decidedly ambiguous) story, offers two very distinct sides of the story, gives tons of interesting facts and opinions, and then leaves you to decide who's telling the truth ... and if it really matters. The story is this: There's this adorable little 4-year-old girl who lives in Binghamton, New York. Her name is Marla Olmstead. She has a cute little brother, two adoring parents and a huge batch of talent in the painting department ... or does she?

In the first half of this effortlessly entertaining documentary, we're given no reason to doubt that little Marla is a true genius, a stunning pre-school ingenue, and a small human being overstuffed with some really staggering artistic talents. Propping herself up on the kitchen floor and using her daddy's paints and canvases, little Marla sure looks like she's some sort of astronomical prodigy -- especially after a local restaurateur and gallery owner decide to exhibit her pieces ... and the things absolutely fly off the shelf.