This Thursday, nestled inside a Future Shop store (think Circuit City) Apache Canada is throwing Canada's Numb Bum Movie Marathon to raise money for the Organ Donation & Transplant Association of Canada -- they're already up to $30,000. Contestants plan to plunk their bum's down and have a movie marathon of epic proportions, to beat the current Guinness Book record -- 114 hours and 6 minutes. Jason Letourneau, a project manager for the Association, wants "to break as many records as possible," although what other records he's referring to are not specified. However, instead of just sliding in to take the top spot with 114 hours and 7 minutes, or even 30 minutes, the plan is to clock in 115 consecutive hours, and the person who lasts the longest will win some Ikea furniture.

The movies on the list include a number of action flicks including the likes of Die Hard, Spider-Man and X-Men, presumably so that the loud soundtrack and heart-racing action can keep them awake. Apparently, they're also going to watch some "chick flicks." While the devil in me would love to see them with a slow, subdued film that has a lot of rolling scenery shots, like Brokeback Mountain, the cheaters plan to watch ones like 13 Going on 30. I'm sure they just want to be able to get up and dance to Thriller along with Jennifer Garner.

Perspective really is everything. I used to be proud of the number of movies I could see in a day, especially during festivals. I would get up while it was still dark, rush to my first movie with a coffee in-hand and not finish until the wee hours of the morning when the midnight film finally ends -- all to do it again the next day. My friends think I'm crazy. But this is a new level of craziness.