There is life after childhood stardom and for some that life consists of Academy Award nominations. I may be revealing my youth when I say that I didn't know that Jackie Earle Haley was a child star (The Bad News Bears) until reading this fact in today's Hollywood Reporter article. What I did know was that his performance in Little Children was both human and chilling. Haley played a child molester just released from prison and still struggling with the demons of his disorder. Haley brings humor, disgust, and childlike anguish to the role; he's a bad guy who makes you feel sorry for him in the end -- definitely a role that is worth an Oscar nomination and a performance worthy of any award.

The nomination itself is award enough for Haley in fact, he would like to "give every Academy member a hug" for the validation. Haley has spent the last 13 years struggling between acting jobs -- a huge gap in work for any actor and enough to question one's abilities as a performer. He filled his bank account with various jobs including limo driving and pizza delivery; thankfully all of that has changed for him now.

Haley is currently trying to make a decision on which project to work on next; he has a few to choose from and with this nomination I'm positive he'll have many to choose from for awhile -- remember when Adrien Brody's career blew up after his Oscar nomination and win for best actor in The Pianist? Luckily, the role that Jackie Earle Haley definitely won't have to choose from is alongside fellow child actors Corey Feldman and Christopher Knight on the reality T.V. show The Surreal Life.