Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine turned 90 today. Yes, he's still alive, and he's still working. But he would like to be working more. He told the Associated Press this week that few people are interested in hiring him, mostly because they don't know he's still around. If you look at his listing on the IMDb, though, you'll see that the actor is far from unemployed. Sure, he hasn't done anything high profile in decades, but when prompted for his opinion of the movies of today, he acted as though nothing is currently worth his talent.

His attitude seems ballsy even for a player of tough guy roles in The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Bunchand From Here to Eternity. But maybe because I grew up associating Borgnine first with Super Fuzz and then with The Poseidon Adventure, I can't entirely believe that he's spent the past thirty years looking for substantial parts. There had to be an opportunity for a comeback in there somewhere. But if there hasn't been, there is still time for one great swansong. For 90, he seems healthy enough. Considering two of the four movies he liked in 2006 were directed by Clint Eastwood, I would just like to put it out there that Borgnine needs a significant role in Clint's next picture.
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